Why should we go for Managed Account?

The client also has full autonomy to withdraw their money whenever they like.There are ongoing management fees and commitment periods.

During the time your account is managed by our professional trader, Investors have live access to their managed account at all times, either through an online portal or directly through the trading platform. You can then view your account, including balance, profits, plus opened and closed trades in real time via an app.

However, you are not be able to place your own trades on the account, unless you revoke the MA Agreement, which as stated, is the document that gives the trader the ability to trade on your behalf.

To our knowledge, there is no other structure available which gives clients as much control, access, flexibility and true transparency as in the MeritFx Managed Trading Account structure (except if the clients were to do the trading themselves). For more details, please contact our Support of simply talk over it with your dedicated mentor.


Merit Forex EA Robot Training
No time required
Suitable for busy people
Merit Forex EA Robot Training
Merit Forex EA Robot Training
Merit Forex EA Robot Training
No experience
Merit Forex EA Robot Training
Professional team of traders
Merit Forex EA Robot Training
Fully monitored trading by a professional trader

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